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Who We Are
(Jimmy Egypt’s) Guitar Repair Shop is owned and run by James Cannell. It is the largest and most specialised guitar and fretted instrument repair store in Scotland.

Who Is Jimmy Egypt?
Jimmy Egypt is the alter ego of James Cannell, owner of Guitar Repair Shop.

Why Jimmy Egypt?
Well my friends…that is a long and convoluted, though rivetting and extremely interesting…(to those who are interested)… story which I am unfortunately not able to divulge here. Sorry.

OK…Tell Us More About Jimmy Then!
James M Cannell BA Hons is a trained product and furniture designer with an Honours Design Degree from the world renowned Glasgow School of Art. Following graduation he established a guitar-making business along with his friend Maurice Bellando. Egypt Guitars were in business for 3 short years and manufactured a range of very high quality and originally styled guitars and bass guitars with suitable egyptian names which some say were ahead of their time. There’s more information on Egypt Guitars here.

After Egypt Guitars, Jimmy put his degree to use working as a designer and manager in the furniture industry before an opportunity arose to reconnect with the music industry in a modest way, by carrying out guitar repairs for a local music shop. From 2008 to 2016 Jimmy was a joint owner and co director of CC Music.  He no longer has any association with this company.

Jimmy plays in a tribute band called the Beatles Beat. It keeps his hand in on the gigging front. He says, “It’s the most enjoyment I’ve ever had playing in a band. Trying to get my guitars to sound just the way George recorded them is a fascinating science. Also, as a gigging musician, I can understand some of the issues my customers come up against in the heat of a gigging situation. I could go on to talk for endless paragraphs about my guitars here, but as I sense you’re starting to nod off, so I’ll save it for another time”

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to say hello when you visit us in our new shop!


Jimmy Egypt’s Guitar Repair Shop
615 Great Western Road
G12 8HX

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