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Evertune™ is Here…Banish those Out of Tune Blues!

Guitar Repair Shop are proud to be able to offer the amazing Evertune™ bridge system for retrofit into your guitar …and soon into our own production instruments! Read my page on Evertune installations and discover what this amazing system can do for your guitar’s tuning stability. Great care and accuracy is required to retrofit this system into your prized instrument and we’re delighted that the good people at Evertune™ have chosen us to be their installation experts and sales agents in the UK.

The system is only available from us fitted into your instrument. Please contact us for details.
Check out this page to see examples of recent installations we have carried out…>>>

Very shiny frets courtesy of our new industrial do…

Very shiny frets courtesy of our new industrial double ended polisher! This an old double ended polisher gifted to me by Glasgow School of Art. It was a bit battered and chipped when I got it. It was originally a metal polisher so it ran too fast at 1850rpm to polish guitar finishes…it would melt them at that speed! There wasn’t room in the machines housing to changed the v belt pulley size to bring the speed down to the 800rpm or so we needed so I had no option other than to buy a new, slower speed motor. We gave it a lick of paint and added a new control box and it’s as good as new. We use it every day to polish finishes, frets , nuts and saddles to a high sheen! We don’t know how we ever managed without it!