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Phil Everly 1939 – 2014

The world has lost an angelic singer and performer who, with his brother Don, influenced  many pop, country and rock and roll artists such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, The Byrds…even Scotland’s own Proclaimers.

It was 1983…I was lucky enough to meet Phil following the Everly Brothers Reunion Tour in Edinburgh. I met him with Albert Lee and the rest of the band. For such a legend the man was not in the slightest “starry” or aloof . He engaged me with real interest in conversation and even bought me a pint of beer!

You’ll live on in music history Phil and I’ll never forget my own special personal memory.

Robbie, Kev and Me

My friends Kevin McDermott and Robbie McIntosh popped into the shop recently. Catch then playing at Celtic Connections on 30th January 2014.


Find out more about the gig here

We Set-Up Stone Roses Basses for the Reunion Tour 2013

In early 2013 we were asked to strip Mani’s 2 Epiphone “Jack Cassidy” basses so that they could be covered in an artwork by Glasgow artist and 2005 Turner prize nominee, Jim Lambie. Here you can see the basses before, during and after their transformation…like virtual butterflys emerging from a chrysallis if you like … oh…suit yourself!!! They arrived straight from the factory in their boxes looking and playing just like a standard Epiphone bass. We set them up at that stage… sorted the fretwork and the playability out so that would be sorted when they came back from the vinyl wrappers. The graphics for both guitars were designed by Glasgow artist Jim Lambie. the designs were transferred on to a vinyl wrap by a company who usually make printed vinyl advertising signs for taxis and buses. They came back to us strikingly transformed a few days later as you can see. We then put them back together, gave them a check over, making sure they were setup to our required standard then sent them off to Mani. Job done.

Mr. Lambies trademark striking concentric coloured striped graphic is instantly recognisable and the silver mirror finish resplendent with an image of the legend who is Dave Hill of Slade (don’t ask me…ask Jim or Mani!) certainly can’t be found in your local guitar store but they looked great hanging round Mani’s neck on stages all over the world throughout 2013…audiences were certainly able to see him from the back of the stadium!

mani bass 2 mani bass 3 PIC 1mani bass 4PIC 2 mani bass 5 PIC3mani bass 6PIC4 mani bass 12PIC9 mani bass 7 PIC5mani bass 8PIC6 mani bass 10 PIC7mani bass 11PIC8 johnPIC11 mani2PIC11 mani bass 15PIC10 mani3 PIC12 mani bass 1PIC13

The Datsuns Were Pretty Heavy on their Guitars!!!

The Datsuns bust their Thunderbird Bass and a Les Paul…I put them back together for them but they probably bust them at the next gig!
The Datsuns are a hard rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand, formed in 2000. To date they have released five albums and several singles, most of which have charted in New Zealand and/or the United Kingdom.
Active from: 2000
Origin: Cambridge, New Zealand
Albums: Headstunts, Outta Sight/Outta Mind, Smoke & Mirrors, The Datsuns, Death Rattle Boogie, Nottingham Boat Club 2002-10-29
Members: Christian Livingstone, Ben Cole, Phil Somervell, Rudolf de Borst
Record labels: Cooking Vinyl, V2 Records, In-Fidelity Recordings
System Overload 2006 Smoke & Mirrors
MF From Hell 2002 The Datsuns
What Would I Know 2002 The Datsuns
You Build Me Up 2002 The Datsuns
Sittin’ Pretty 2002 The Datsuns