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Instrument Tunings

Various Instrument Tunings For Your Reference…Always Under Construction!

Obviously NOT a definitive list...but a handy resource for standard tunings if you need them...more to be added as we go ....numbers 1 to 6 are courses with 1 being the top or thinnest string...some instruments have string gauge indicated in brackets
Guitar Std TuningEADGBE
Guitar Drop D-TuningDADGBE
Guitar Open DDADF#AD
Bass Std TuningEADG
5 String BassBEADG
6 String BassBEADGC
Tenor Guitar Standard TuningCGDA
Tenor Guitar Chicago TuningDGBE
Tenor Guitar Octave Mandolin TuningGDAE
Tenor Banjo Standard TuningCGDA
Tenor Banjo Irish Banjo TuningGDAE
Tenor Banjo Chicago Banjo TuningDGBE
5 String Banjo Std TuningGDGBD
5 String Banjo Double CGCGCD
5 String Banjo C TuningGCGBD
5 String Banjo D TuningF#DF#AD
5 String Banjo G ModalGDGCD
Mandolin (unison courses)GDAE
Tenor MandolaCGDA
Bouzouki ALTDGBE
Bouzouki Irish TuningGDAD
Bouzouki Irish Tuning ALTADAD
Bouzouki Mandolin Tuning Octave LowerGDAE
Soprano Ukulele C-TuningGCEA
Soprano Ukulele D-TuningADF#B
Concert UkuleleGCEA
Tenor UkuleleGCEA
Baritone UkuleleDGBE
Appalachian Dulcimer Reverse strung Bass/trebleD (23)A (12)D (10)D (10)
Appalachian Dulcimer Alt tuningD (22)A (14A (12)A (12)
6 string Dulcimer Reverse string 3 courses unisonD (22)D (22)A (14)A (14)D (12)D (12)

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