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Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat Bridge Humbucker Pickup Burnt Chrome


Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat Bridge Humbucker Pickup with contemporary output

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The custom size ceramic magnet gives the Cold Sweat humbucker a more controlled dynamic with stacks of output and sustain. A mix of ceramic powered bridge and Alnico V powered neck gives a broad palette of clean and driven tones perfect for a variety of modern rock styles.

The neck humbucker being popular among shred players for it’s articulate but fluid tone is ideal for effortless sweep picking; the bridge equally regarded for its precise attack. Pick harmonics literally jump out and the whole feel is very touch sensitive, especially when used with hi-gain. The powerful bass and treble response of the bridge humbucker has the effect of slightly scooping the mids creating a very precise and rich tone with masses of depth.

Absolutely perfect for pushing a tube amp into natural overdrive, the Cold Sweat humbuckers will also maintain superb definition with the full saturation of a hi-gain amp.


Four Conductor Wiring

13.7k Resistance

Ceramic Bar