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Repair Portfolio

  • We Refret Eric’s 1956 Fender Stratocaster

    What were you doing in 1956?..Quick calculation….Yes, that’s 60 years ago! That’s when the guitar currently on my bench was moving along the production line at Fullarton, California in Leo Fender’s guitar factory. This was scarcely 5 years after Leo Fender had brought the Telecaster and Precision Bass in to the world. Elvis was in the UK […]

  • Evertune Installation on Epiphone 335 Dot

    We just finished fitted the amazing Evertune system into this very nice Epiphone 335 Dot guitar for a customer in Switzerland.

  • Travis Bean Bass with a Fretboard Problem!

    This Travis Bean bass was brought in by a regular customer. A poor quality repair had been carried out on the instrument rendering it next to useless. The rosewood fingerboard had become partially detached from it’s aluminium deck and someone had optimistically squirted superglue into the gap, more in blind hope than anything else…the result was […]

  • Evertune™ Installation and Custom Carving on a Telecaster

    Here we fit a left hand Evertune system into a Fender Telecaster …left handed of course. The customer also wanted comfort routing to the body…The “forearm chamfer” and the “pizza lovers gut recess”…I call it that …but the gentleman is stick thin really…he’s just building in future proofing! 🙂 As you can see a fair bit […]

  • Evertune™ Install on a Parker Fly

    Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi welsh onion daikon amaranth tatsoi tomatillo melon azuki bean garlic. What to say about this job…in english without the use of vegetables?… Well…they said it couldn’t be done. The body is tapered in 2 planes…It’s tapered across it’s width and length. This made for a […]

  • Evertune™ Install on a Gibson Les Paul

    Our most challenging Evertune™  installation yet… The installation for a Gibson Les Paul style guitar is a little different and a wee bit more complex that on a Fender style guitar…partly because Evertune haven’t quite decided how to do it themselves and don’t publish a full set of drawings…so I had to work things out. […]

  • Ovation Balladeer – New Bridge in Brazilian Rosewood

    Here we fabricated a new bridge for this 1970s Ovation Balladeer. The old bridge was made from walnut and had failed drastically as you can see from the pics here. I thought we should make a new bridge in something more substantial the brazilian rosewood came out. I wanted to replicate the design of […]

  • Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci….Refret & Scallop

    It’s green!… No it’s blue!…. No it’s purple!….This iradescent beauty graced my bench recently. Isn’t she a looker? The customer badly needed a refret on this Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci…he’s a busy musician and his frets tell the story. After much deliberation…he decided…or rather, I talked him into it. ….on fitting the heaviest wire we hold […]

  • Hofner Colorama Restoration

    Jim’s parents bought him this Hofner Colorama in 1961….when he was just a wean!….It was brand new. Throughout the years he subjected it to much customisation by way of Dulux and Humbrol paints and as time went on it inevitably does…the poor guitar was broken into bits and put in a box under Jim’s bed …sort […]

  • Copper Foil Sheilding on a Noisy Gibson Reverse Firebird

    The P90s in this guitar sounded GREAT…but the whole guitar was way noisier than it should have been …and when you jumped on that lead channel..HISS…BUZZZ….I had to do something about this…. And I have a great solution! I’m not a fan of conductive paint…Some manufacturers use it….and then they don’t use it logically , […]

  • 1962 Fender Strat Refret – 2 OCT 62B

    Refret on a lovely 1962 Strat…all original apart from a refin and some dodgy rusty steel block saddles. This guitar sounded and played amazing once we’d finished. The original frets were worn down to the fretboard. Now with the new hard , perfectly levelled frets courtesy of our skilful handywork and our PLERK™ machine, it […]

  • We Were Promised Jetpacks play their guitars a lot!

    …maybe it’s because they don’t have Jetpacks to play around with…well until they arrive chaps…..               BEFORE (Obviously!)                 AFTER (Doh!)

  • Telecaster with (extra) Knobs On

    This customer wanted an extra control knob on his Telecaster but was afraid that the controls would be crammed too close together (they were) I made a new, custom spaced plate in brass…then had it chrome plated. The plate ended up being about 15mm longer but that made all the difference. I routed the control […]

  • Fixing Robbie McIntosh’s J40

    Robbie McIntosh ( The Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Kevin McDermott, Talk Talk, Norah Jones, John Mayer) was in the workshop recently. He had a slight problem with the nut and the pickup system on his workhorse Gibson J40.  I showed him a few chords, fixed his guitar and sent him on his way! …only kidding…He complimented […]

  • Old Gibson Kalamazoo Fit Pickup and new scratchplate

    This lovely old Kalamazoo archtop came into the workshop recently. Dating from around 1935 it’s probably a KG-21 model. The Kalamazoo arch-tops featured Gibson’s “arco-arch” wood for the tops and backs, which was a fancy term for molded plywood with a mahogany or maple veneer. Gibson manufactured Kalamazoo guitars, banjos & mandolins for 10 years, from 1933 – […]

  • Repairing a Gibson J45 Deluxe Split Top with Carbon Fibre

    This 1970s Gibson J45…was literally falling apart…loose braces…cracks on all faces of the body with an especially bad one at the side of the neck along the body towards the soundhole and through to the bridge. The top was curled up at this split. I decided to reinforce the split unconventionally …but then changed my […]

  • Fitting an EVERTUNE System

  • Fitting a Bass Tremelo…Not for the squeamish!

    Read how we fit a Kahler Bass trem on this Klingon ESP bass…..

  • Fixing Binding on a Gibson Les Paul

    We see a lot of poor refrets….but we can usually repair the poor workmanship. This was a bit different. Not many repairers have the skill to refret a bound fingerboard guitar without damaging the binding…so why bother?…let’s just sand the nibs of the binding off!…now that’s much easier…isn’t it? The guy who previously refretted this […]

  • How to Make an Out of Tune Gibson Play in Tune

      The owner of of this guitar just couldn’t make it stay or sound in tune…it just never sounded right! When he talked to me on the phone I thought at first it was the usual Gibson “loose in a falling apart sort of way” machine head problem..or perhaps it needed setup. When he brought […]

  • Making a Replacement Bridge in Brazilian Rosewood

    A split had appeared in the original bridge making it unable to support the saddle. I’m lucky to have a stock of nice rosewood and I was able to match the grain of the original bridge pretty well. I cut the  piece of rosewood from a slab of Brazilian that I have and started to replicate […]

  • Taylor 314 Broken Neck Repair

    This Taylor 314 had suffered from a fall resulting in quite a nasty looking, but a clean break, to the heel of the neck. I quickly saw a way to repair and reinforce the damage. Taylor had assembled the neck with very short wooden dowels that measured about 12mm. I increased the depth of both […]

  • Egypt Firebird VII Commission

            I was commissioned to make a Firebird VII electric guitar…yes , just like a Gibson. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Firebirds after seeing Phil Manzanera play one…I like Explorers too. Very brave guitar designs for the time. Interesting instruments. I’m not really interested in making copies as I think […]

  • Restoring a Grand Old Martin D28

    This Martin D28  dates from 1958. It’s had a hard life! The old lady has been around a bit as you can see and I’m sure she could tell many a tale. She’s suffered the indignity of a poor quality repair in the past. The bride had ripped off the top, breaking the bridgeplate in […]

  • Repairing a Badly Damaged Les Paul Fingerboard

    This job was a bit of a strange one. The client was having isssues with the fretting on his Les Paul at the top of the neck and was convinced that filing the frets and the fingerboard between the frets would help fix the problem. You can see in the first couple  of pictures here […]

  • Installing a JLD System to Fix a Warped Top

    This Guild guitar came into our workshop with an extremely high and unplayable action. The top had an impressive bulge and an attempt had been made previously to lower the instrument’s action by taking the height of the bridge saddle down. This didn’t work…as usual we need to fix the problem at source..step in JLD’s […]

  • 1960s Gibson 330 L/H Conversion for Southpaw Rockstar

    This is a lovely instrument. the guitar has been converted to left hand operation previously by another repairer. The job’s been carried out well with all the controls being fitted in the correct place…but the job was not finished, leaving unsightly unfilled holes in the top of the guitar. The guitar’s in for a refret […]

  • Mr 335 Gets a Shave

    W ell respected session guitarist Mr Duncan Findlay had purchased the Gibson custom shop Larry Carlton signature guitar (known as Mr 335) unseen. Unfortunately he just couldn’t get on with the neck! It’s a pretty chunky affair if you haven’t come across one before. To digress for a bit, I personally own one of the […]

  • Fab Left Hand Martin Bass Conversion

  • A Rare and Exotic Klein

    Our customer here…Mr. Lucky Man…to own such a rare and wonderful instrument…had broken the Steinberger trem unit. This was a standard Steinberger S trem. He had however managed to pickup a Steinberger Transtrem from somewhere. An impressive upgrade! Now this is one amazing piece of engineering…how long do we have? OK another time…So the moral […]