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Acoustic Pickup Systems

acoustic pickup systems

A wide range of pickup systems exist for acoustic instruments these days…

Due to advances in technology, modern systems are far more accurate in the representation of your instruments acoustic sound than were previously available.

Types of System

Amplifying your acoustic instrument can commonly be accomplished by using single or multiple systems from the following types;

  • Soundhole fitting magnetic field pickups
  • Under saddle piezo element or strip pickups
  • Internal and external body sensing systems
  • Microphone based systems

The latest innovation is in multiple sensor systems where different types of pickups are combined within the one instrument. Examples of such arrangements may be a condensor microphone combined with an under saddle piezo element which are then blended together using a discreet on board preamp and controlled using balance and volume controls …or a soundhole magnetic pickup which also has a condensor microphone attached again fitted with the necessary controls. These combination systems when professionally fitted and utilised properly can give a more accurate acoustic representation of your guitars sound.


It is also not now necessary to carve large holes in your beloved instrument. Most modern high quality systems are discreet and can be fitted with the minimum of carnage. They usually only require the drilling of a 12mm hole in the end block of the instrument. This is the mounting point for the 1/4″ jack socket which replaces the existing endpin and doubles as a strap button.

Next Step

We have many years of experience in recommending and fitting acoustic instrument pickup systems and we are happy to give you the benefit of our expertise. We can help you achieve the best solution for your particular requirements. In addition to this, many systems are available pre fitted in demonstration guitars to try at your leisure before you commit yourself to a particular solution. Come into the shop and compare our wide range of systems and external preamp solutions at your leisure.
Phone or email me for more information or just call in.

Our current pickup of choice is the LR Baggs Anthem dual source pickup. It’s discreet, non invasive and sounds amazing
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