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A good quality.. well fitted and cut nut is required for accurate tuning and intonation. Nearly every guitar I see could benefit from work in this area. Nearly all new guitars are shipped with incorrectly cut nut slots. They’re generally too high making the guitar unnecessarily difficult to play …especially those friendly first position chords. Too low and the string buzzes against the first fret. We can supply high quality and, it goes without saying, accurately cut and fitted nuts in Tusq, Bone, Brass, Corian and various other materials including, should you want something a bit more vintage…. fossilised woolly mammoth tusk.(no, I’m not kidding!) Fit your guitar with a nut that is even older than the blues licks that you play!

We can also make custom precision intonated nuts if you need your guitar to play perfectly in tune!

The finished job again with the intonated Corian nut nicely polished. After re-adjusting overall intonation at the bridge this guitar now plays in tune! Ta-ra!

Have a look at our stock of Tusq, Graphtech and other nuts HERE



A good quality.. well fitted saddle is required for accurate tuning and intonation. My comments regarding your guitars nut are equally relevant here. The quality of the saddle determines just how well the guitar will sound. It’s particularly important if the instrument is fitted with a pickup system which utilises an undersaddle pickup element! Available in various materials . Just call for our advice.

Have a look at our stock of Tusq, Graphtech and other saddles HERE

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