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 Tusq Saddles


Tusq Saddle Comparison Chart

TUSQ has been laboratory-proven to be far superior in tone to ivory and bone and synthetic alternatives such as Micarta and Corian. Precision engineered under height deliver the right of frequencies with the optimum transfer rate to the top of your guitar, every time. To your ear, this makes your guitar sound richer, and more alive. For years, many of the world's finest guitar makers and players have added TUSQ nuts, saddles and bridge pins to their list of tone essentials.
PQ-9000-00Acoustic Saddle Blank 1/8"76.713.1511.43
Acoustic Saddle Adjustable Gibson79.347.149.65
Acoustic Saddle Slab101.66.3512.7
PQ-9100-00Acoustic Saddle 3/32"73.862.579.73
PQ-9110-00Acoustic Compensated Martin Style73.662.3610.16
PQ-9125-00Acoustic Saddle Slab101.63.1712.7
PQ-9200-C0Acoustic Saddle Compensated 1/8"
PQ-9200-L0Acoustic Saddle Comp 1/8" LH71.123.19.98
PQ-9201-00Acoustic Saddle Comp B & G71.123.19.98
PQ-9208-00Acoustic Saddle Classical - Low80.012.578.2
Acoustic Saddle Classical - tall80.012.5710.01
Acoustic Saddle Classical - tall80.012.5710.01
PQ-9216-C016" Radius comp Saddle71.253.1110.23
PQ-9266-C0B Band Compensated Saddle70.543.178.46
PQ-9280-C0Acoustic Saddle Compensated73.153.2510.92
PQ-9280-L0Acoustic Saddle Comp Lefty73.153.2510.92
PQ-9400-00Acoustic Saddle - Gibson71.123.310.92
Classical 9mm Lefty Saddle79.83.219.4
Acoustic Saddle Ukelele62.263.337.09
Acoustic Saddle Classical Taylor71.273.29.78
PQ-9332-00Acoustic Saddle Slab101.62.3912.7
PQ-9600-00MicroBalance 12" Radius Saddle71.273.28.41
PQ-9600-C0Acoustic MicroBalance 12" Radius71.273.28.41
PQ-9650-00Acoustic Microbalance 16" Radius71.273.28.41

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